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We are currently focusing our efforts to fight COVID-19, without forgetting research into the eradication of HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases. Find out how you can help us.

How is your donation used?

Visit our Transparency section to see where we get our resources and how we use them

What are the tax benefits?

Financially aiding research into HIV/AIDS is now even more advantageous, given the new tax framework in force since 2015.

Both individuals and companies can deduct donations from their annual income or corporate tax statement.

Some examples:

  • Mr. Martinez made donations worth €1,000 (in 2014), €1,500 (in 2015) and €2,000 (in 2016). In his income tax statement for 2016 he can deduct 75% of the first €150 (€112.50) and 35% of the rest up to a maximum of €2,000 (€647.50)

  • A company called Axiac made donations worth €1,000 (in 2014), €1,500 (in 2015) and €2,000 (in 2016). In its corporate tax statement for 2016 it can deduct 40% of the donation up to a maximum of €2,000 (€800).


Do you need a tax certificate for your donation? Contact us to find out what you need to obtain a certificate.

How to become a collaborating company

Business Collaboration Agreements Regarding Activities of Public Interest (Article 25 of Law 49/2002)

What you need to take into account:

  • In return for donations as a collaborating company — which should be used for activities that comply with the specific object or purpose of the organization — IrsiCaixa will undertake in writing to publicize your company’s assistance.
  • The amount agreed in the collaboration agreement will be tax deductible by the donor.
  • Since donations are VAT-exempt, your company will not be charged this tax.
  • Amounts paid pursuant to a collaboration agreement are incompatible with tax relief for donations or sponsorships.

Do you need a tax certificate?

We need the following information/documents in order to issue your tax certificate:

  • First name(s)/surname(s) of the donating individual or name of the donating company.
  • Photocopy of tax ID.
  • Date and amount of the donation (if monetary).
  • Public or other authoritative document attesting delivery of the donation (if not monetary).

Donate to IrsiCaixa and benefit from tax relief

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