Innovation and transfer

Innovation and transfer


At IrsiCaixa we understand innovation not only as technological transfer of progress made in the laboratory, but also as the expansion of our research into new biomedical areas that can contribute value to the entire global population. Aligning our work with the needs and expectations of society, we encourage R+D based on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) . This approach is embodied — to give just two examples — in our ongoing dialogue with the Community Advisory Committee for HIV/AIDS and in our health promotion programmes developed with and for the community.

Our innovative approach is also reflected in how we work with clinical units, transferring our findings to clinical research and focusing on healing through the development of vaccines, immunoglobulins and other cure-related strategies. We have also entered other areas of innovative biomedical research. Of particular relevance is our study of intestinal microbiota — the set of bacteria that populate the human gut — and its implication in very common diseases, studying, for instance, how it affects cancer treatments and antibiotics and the role it plays in the geriatric frailty syndrome that causes accelerated ageing.

Support for research: from idea to product

A team of Research and Innovation Management (RIM) professionals works closely with researchers to help them develop their research projects — from the generation of ideas and the creation of a work plan, to the transfer of results and product development.

These are the keys to RIM:

  • Transversality: support for all areas of the institution

  • Flexibility: adaptation to specific organizational needs and to each research team

  • Expertise: strategic alliances with experts in innovation, law and patents

RIM innovation phases


Two spin-offs have been created to date to develop products resulting from research conducted at IrsiCaixa:

New ways to collaborate

IrsiCaixa is open to exploring new partnerships in the development of research programmes at the forefront of knowledge.

For more information, telephone RIM on (+34) 93 465 6374.


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