Ifeanyi Jude Ezeonwumelu

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Ifeanyi Jude Ezeonwumelu

Pre-doctoral researcher

Ifeanyi Jude Ezeonwumelu obtained an MSc in Forensic Sciences degree from the University of Lincoln (UK); l'Instituto Universitario Egas Moniz (IUEM, Portugal) and the Universidad de Córdoba (Spain), under the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. After graduation, he worked as a visiting lecturer at IUEM for the Phylogenetic Analysis in Forensic Sciences module of the MSc programme in Laboratory Technologies in Forensic Sciences.

He had previously worked on molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases (HIV, HCV and HBV). Now, as an INPhiNIT "la Caixa" Marie Curie PhD fellow in IrsiCaixa, he develops a PhD thesis on the identification of novel therapeutic strategies to block HIV persistence. His hobbies include reading, listening to music and cooking.

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