Luis Romero Martín

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Luis Romero Martín

Pre-doctoral researcher

Luis Romero graduated in Biotechnology from the University of Salamanca in 2017. As part of his degree course, funded by a Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports grant (2016-2017), he completed a practical work experience programme in the Proteomics Service of the Centre for Cancer Research (IBMCC) attached to the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Cancer Biology (USAL-CSIC). He completed his training with an interuniversity master's degree in Advanced Immunology from the University of Barcelona (UB)- Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), completing his final master's project, on immunogenicity induced by various types of vaccines using mice as the animal model, in the Host Genetics and Cellular Immunity Group led by Dr. Christian Brander.

He currently works as a pre-doctoral researcher in the same grooup, where his focus is the study of alternative responses to HIV infection mediated by CD4+ T lymphocytes and possible antigenic presentation HLA-E-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

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